JetGuide develops systems for real-time intraoperative monitoring with feedback throughout processes of surgical procedures of bone drilling and resecting tumor from soft healthy tissue.
JetGuide systems provide surgeons intraoperatively, in real-time and simultaneously the following: drilled depth, distance to be drilled, the RESIDUAL distance between the bottom tip of the drilled bore and a sensitive tissue – like nerve, blood vessel and cartilage, located along the drilling path. Similarly it provides the distance from the dura to the closest part of the tumor in a soft tissue, as well as tumor’s residual thickness during brain and spinal cord surgeries. 
JetGuide systems are simple to operate, cost effective, save time and take the guesswork out of drilling into a bone and a resecting process in a soft tissue. JetGuide systems provide the surgeons greater confidence and comfort, thus allowing them to achieve significantly improved results.


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