technologyJetGuide’s innovation is based on ultrasonic wave transmission and reception through a jet stream of liquid, like physiological solution, to measure the distance between the bottom of the drilled bore in the bone and the upper layer of sensitive tissue throughout the drilling procedure. JetGuide’s generic system operates as an integral part of all types of existing implant drills, utilizing the existing system’s jet stream to transmit and receive the ultrasound signal. The same technology was applied for diagnostic purposes in order to discriminate between a healthy soft tissue (like brain and spinal cord) and tumor. 

The JetGuide system comprises of three key sub-systems: the front-end (handpiece), the electronics and the display. All JetGuide components are designed for ease of use and maximum surgeon and patient comfort. There are disposable and re-usable handpieces and they are designed and produced according to the application requirements. 

JetGuide’s technology is unique in its small footprint, where no additional components or instruments are inserted in the surgery area, thus keeping it clear for the surgeon to work. JetGuide’s systems measure the distance between the bottom of the drilled bore in the bone (like jaw, hip, shoulder, spine vertebras, skull) and the sensitive tissue situated in the bone along the span of the drilling path (like mandibular canal or sinus membrane, cartilage in hip and shoulder), providing clear, intraoperative data on a display placed in the surgeon’s field of view.