Spinal Cord

Tumor detection along the spinal cordaugmentation-detection-along-the-spinal-cord

 JetGuide had applied its unique ultrasonic technology for tumor detection in soft tissue, to one of the fields being pathological – for monitoring tumor in or around the spinal cord as well as defining its size. 

Using one of the advantages of JetGuide technology – a narrow stream of physiological solution, it is possible to define intraoperatively and more accurately tumor’s location and size – thus smaller sections are required to be opened along the spinal cord with shorter cuts along the spinal dura. Moreover, this is the first instrument that provides intraoperative diagnostic information while resecting a tumor in or close relation to the spinal cord. JetGuide system measures intraoperatively and accurately tumor’s size at every measured location and also along the whole region of the spinal cord and also provides the neurosurgeon real-time information about tumor’s successful removal.
JetGuide Neuro is the only instrument that enables real-time intraoperative monitoring of a tumor in spinal cord surgeries. It also enables monitoring its cross-section thus obtaining its morphology before cutting.