detection-in-brainTumor detection in brain

JetGuide applied its unique ultrasonic technology for defining tumor depth below dura, its size and defining its residual thickness during its resection from a soft tissue like brain.

Using the JetGuide technology, it is possible to define intraoperatively and within less than 1 sec and with high precision the location of a tumor, determine its depth (below dura) and size in brain. This instrument is applied also in the next syep, while resecting the tumor, where it provides also tumor thickness.
During 2012 and also in 2014-15 there were performed more than 50 brain surgeries, using successfully JetGuide Neuro system. During the first stage, where tumor depth below dura and its size were measured, the measuring results were compared with those of Sonowand – that exist ultrasonic instrument in the neurosurgery room. It was found that the JetGuide Neuro provides similar results, but without the requirement to stop the surgery process, in order to perform the measurement; JetGuide Neuro provides more accurate data, which is independent of the surgeon. During the next step of resection, the JetGuide Neuro was the only one capable to provide the residual tumor thickness intraoperatively and in real time..